Crisis Communications
Two television news vans are pulling up in front of your offices to do live shots for the six o'clock news. There are newspaper reporters in your lobby demanding interviews, and two radio reporters and the Associated Press are holding on the telephone.

Perhaps, you're thinking, you could use a little help to get out of this jam.

Yocum Communications can help you avoid the landmines that many companies seem to find when they are the focus of negative media attention. By taking a proactive approach and meeting the issues head on, Yocum Communications can assist in handling the problem.

Robin Yocum has covered crisis situations as a reporter and handled them for corporations. As a public relations executive, Robin handled bomb threats, explosions and the cross-country shipment of 3.4 million gallons of napalm.

Can we make the problem go away? No. However, we can act as your corporate spokesperson or train your people to handle media questions. We will assist in creating key messages that enable you to get your points delivered. We operate on the premise that companies with problems are addressing the situation and attempting to prevent them in the future.

We will conduct media training for your spokespersons, helping them to be comfortable and confident in delivering your message.

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